Parler CEO Discusses Uncertain Future After Going Offline

Parler CEO Discusses Uncertain Future After Going Offline

( – The subject of Big Tech censorship is nothing new. In November 2020, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey faced the Senate Judiciary Committee for questioning regarding their censorship of conservative content. Now, these companies and a variety of others across the industry are cracking down on conservative voices more than ever due to the unrest at the Capitol last week.

What caught everyone by surprise was the censorship of newcomer Parler, a conservative-friendly alternative to Twitter and its far-reaching censorship practices.

Big Tech and Parler

On Friday, January 8, Google removed Parler’s app from its online store, and the following day Apple followed suit. Then, on Sunday, Amazon suspended Parler’s web hosting services, and the website blinked out of existence.

Parler’s CEO John Matze spoke with Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo about his problems with Big Tech companies during a January 10 interview. According to him, his rivals were using the bans as part of an effort to throttle their competition.

Then, on January 14, he told The Epoch Times his platform was being held to a higher standard than rival companies Facebook and Twitter.

Parler’s Future

Matze has said he’s determined to get Parler back up and running again soon. But, he wavered a bit during a Wednesday interview with Reuters. According to Reuters, Matze said Parler also lost support from companies such as American Express Co, Stripe and others.

In one portion of the interview, Matze appeared gloomy, stating that he didn’t know if or when the platform might return. He indicated that Parler’s future was still uncertain, despite its popularity among conservative users. However, he seemed more optimistic later in the interview, stating it might take weeks, but that Parler would return — stronger than before.

Matze did file a lawsuit against Amazon on January 11, but it’s unclear how long it will take before he can expect a ruling. We will keep you posted on any new information regarding Parler and its hosting services.

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