Parents Turn to Private Schools as Public Schools Fail Them

Parents Turn to Private Schools as Public Schools Fail Them

( – Summer vacation is drawing to an end, but worried parents across the US still don’t know if their kids will be able to go back to school in the fall. Teachers’ unions and many Democrat politicians are using the nation’s kids as political bargaining chips, and many parents have had enough of it.

School districts in several states have already said they won’t be doing face-to-face lessons when they reopen. Others probably won’t open at all. Faced with the refusal of the teaching unions to educate their kids, families are turning to private schools instead.

Private schools already have some advantages – they tend to have larger campuses than public schools with the same number of students, plus smaller class sizes. More importantly, they’re also outside the control of the powerful teachers’ unions. While a private school still has to obey local regulations – for example, in New York schools have to close if regional COVID tests hit a 9% positive rate – they can’t be held to ransom by left-wing activists, although the unions are certainly trying.

Many parents say they were considering private schooling anyway, and the pandemic has been the final nudge they needed. This trend is bound to increase pressure on politicians to expand voucher schemes and give parents more choice.

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