Parents Asked To Sign What Before Entering School?

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

( – A mother was blocked from enrolling her child in a public school in Texas after refusing to sign a non-disclosure agreement. The document has since been rescinded.

Amber Longacre stated that she had gone to Kitty Hawk Middle School, part of the Judson Independent School District, to enroll her child when she was given the NDA in an iPad to sign. She proceeded to refuse and then brought it to the district’s attention that they were being requested to sign the document.

As she revealed to Fox News she had spoken up as a way of encouraging other parents to also speak up when something was not right. She further noted that it was impossible to know how many parents had signed the NDA without asking questions about it.

Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression director of public advocacy Aaron Terr argued that the non-disclosure agreement was definitely “unconstitutional.”
However, a district spokesperson in a statement to Fox News noted that this was a “default document” for visitors when they were added to the check-in system. They added that after learning about the concerns expressed, they had reviewed the document and had agreed that this document should not be used in a public school setting as it was used for keeping “proprietary business information confidential.”

Terr argued that NDAs are not documents that should be used in school settings and that in this particular case, it appeared like the school district was attempting to block parents from sharing information that they had learned after being in the school. He claimed that he had never before seen such a document be used in this type of setting or context.

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