Parents and Children Serve Affidavits to School Board Calling for End to Mask Mandates

Parents and Children Serve Affidavits to School Board Calling for End to Mask Mandates

( – There’s a movement to end mask mandates in schools taking place right now in Loudoun County, Virginia. Parents and children recently came together in protest of restrictions, delivering a firm message to the local school board: they’ve had enough.

Protest Timeline

The 65-person group spearheading the effort to end mandates isn’t messing around. Members signed a long list of affidavits — official legal demands — calling on the school board to “cease and desist” from enforcing mask-wearing in local schools.

The movement comes in the wake of Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin’s (R) January 15 executive order intended to end mask mandates in schools. Instead, seven districts filed lawsuits against the order, calling it unconstitutional. The judge presiding over the case sided with schools and agreed to keep restrictions in place for the time being.

The school board itself responded on January 19, insisting mask-wearing would stay. The same memo claimed the institutions were only trying to adhere to CDC recommendations.

Recent Updates

Parents responded to the school board’s demands for the first time on February 1, when three individuals filed additional lawsuits against Loudoun County’s school board. They hoped to make a difference where even Youngkin himself, who also joined the lawsuit, had seemingly failed.

The signed affidavits came into play on February 8, when both parents and children decided to present the documents to local officials during a school board meeting. Parents stood watching closely as children hand-delivered the documents to the people making impactful decisions about their lives.

Parents Demand Action

The demands within the affidavit mostly focus on getting schools to back off on insisting children wear masks. The group accuses the school of failing to follow through on other CDC mandates, despite claiming that as its goal, and feels science does not support the use of masks in schools.

Notably, the affidavits also touch on a shortlist of other hot-button issues facing school boards all across the country: teaching critical race theories(CRT) and the transgender bathroom debate. Those participating want the school board to immediately stop teaching CRT and create segregated bathrooms for girls, boys, and transgenders.

Officials at the meeting promised to accept and review the documents. However, it isn’t yet clear whether the school board will decide to take action on the complaints.

Widespread Calls for an End To Mandates

Youngkin and Loudoun County families aren’t alone in protesting mandates right now. In fact, there’s widespread bipartisan support for doing away with such guidelines in many areas around the country. Democrats and Republicans are joining forces in greater Virginia right now on a bill, that if passed, will render it illegal for schools to try and force mask-wearing in classrooms.

Similar bipartisan movements are currently taking place in other states, including New Jersey, Delaware, and Connecticut. It seems as if more and more people are deciding to take action against what they feel amounts to tyranny from federal and local governments.

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