Palestinians Banned From Entering The U.S.?

Photo by Ahmed Abu Hameeda on Unsplash

( – On Thursday Republican Representative Ryan Zinke from Montana brought forward a bill that would block Palestinians from being allowed to receive entrance to the U.S. through asylum, refuge or a visa and would expel all those who were already in the country. The legislation is called the Safeguarding Americans from Extremism Act.

If the legislation passes, then the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) would be blocked from granting asylum, refuge, and visas to all those traveling with a Palestinian Authority-issued passport. The legislation would also revoke previous approvals for visas given to Palestinians who entered the U.S. after Oct. 1.

Zinke argued that the legislation was aiming to keep Americans safe. He added that the Biden administration could not be trusted, much like the Palestinian Authority could not be trusted, on who was allowed to enter the country. He pointed out that the legislation he proposed was the most anti-Hamas bill and that given the current circumstances, it was “well deserved.”

He added that currently, the immigration system was under threat and that there is a long history of terrorists exploiting visa, asylum, and refuge processes across the world, which is why the bill proposed was integral.

The legislation would also block Alejandro Mayorkas, the DHS Secretary from granting Temporary Protected Status to those with asylum, refugee status or a passport. The DHS would also be required to collaborate with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, as well as Customs Enforcement to “identify” individuals who were in the United States “without lawful status” and to have them removed from the country.

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