PA School Forces Gender Ideals on Students

PA School Forces Gender Ideals on Students

Liberal High School Caught Hiding This INSANE Secret From Parents

( – Leaked emails from a Pennsylvania school reveal a disturbing plan by teachers to hide a student’s use of preferred pronouns from parents. The teachers also discuss starting an LGBTQ+ club for middle schoolers and sharing material on radical gender theories.

On May 6, Fox News published internal staff emails obtained from the Charles F. Patton Middle School in Unionville, PA. The exchange of messages was started by a counselor who told teachers one of their students preferred to be called by the pronouns “they/them,” despite being female. Then the counselor warned “if you are emailing home, it may be best to use she/her” — a clear attempt to hide the student’s gender preferences from her parents. Attached to the email was an electronic pamphlet called “A Guide to Supporting Trans and Gender Diverse Students.”

In another email exchange obtained by Fox, teachers discussed an LGBT high school club called the “Gender Sexuality Alliance,” and talked about setting up a middle school version. After identifying a student who claims to be pansexual, the school’s counselor suggested teachers ask them to set up “some type of club or group to focus on LGBTQ+ topics/issues.” Another teacher commented “LGBTQ-related content is age-appropriate for [middle schoolers].

Campaign group No Left Turn In Education, which believes K-12 education should be free of political indoctrination, has strongly criticized the school. In a statement, its president called the teachers’ actions meddling. Should schools be teaching children they can choose a new gender as easily as a shirt — and then hiding the results from their parents?

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