Only 69% of Democrats Approve of Biden at This Point

Only 69% of Democrats Approve of Biden at This Point

Biden’s Support Dwindles — Hits Record Low

( – Once again, President Biden’s approval ratings are at a record low. It isn’t just because his policies alienate Republicans, though. Even his own party’s voters are steadily turning against him.

A new Civiqs poll has found the slump in Biden’s approval ratings is continuing. Just 32% of Americans think the president is doing a good job, the lowest on record, and even among Democrats, the number is barely over one in three. Just 69% of Dems approve of Biden, and the number has been falling steadily since Russia invaded Ukraine. The only states where a majority still support him are Hawaii and Vermont.

When Biden took office last year, he was supported by more than 90% of Democrats. A combination of factors has eaten away at that support ever since. Restrictive anti-COVID policies, the chaotic pullout from Afghanistan, the border crisis, rising food and gas prices, and the Russia-Ukraine war have all had an impact, as a visibly out-of-touch Biden struggles to cope with the business of governing. By comparison, former President Donald Trump’s approval ratings among Republicans hovered around 90% for most of his presidency, and were still at 85% when he left office. Less than two years into his term in the White House, Biden is doing much worse than Trump ever did. How long can he hold on to office in the face of these disastrous numbers?

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