Oklahoma Passes Bill To Challenge Joe Biden’s Executive Orders

Oklahoma Fights Back Against Biden Orders

(TargetLiberty.org) – President Joe Biden has a majority in Congress, but instead of pushing legislation through the House and Senate, he’s been acting alone. He’s been in office for a little over a month and has signed 34 executive orders in that time. Now, one state is fighting back.

On Thursday, February 25, the Oklahoma House of Representatives passed HB1236. The legislation seeks to give the state the authority to review each of the POTUS’ executive orders. They’ll decide whether to send it to the state attorney general, who will review the orders and decide if they are constitutional. If the AG says an EO isn’t constitutional, the state will be able to sue the federal government to have the order invalidated.

If the bill becomes a law, Oklahoma will become the first state to put a law into place to officially challenge Biden’s executive authority. It could go a long way toward checking him if he gets out of control, especially since it seems the Democratically-led Congress hasn’t demonstrated any desire to do so.

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