Oklahoma House Passes Bill Protecting Females in Women’s Sports

Oklahoma House Passes Bill Protecting Females in Women's Sports

(TargetLiberty.org) – Oklahoma legislators have decided to address the recent controversy surrounding the transgender swimmer who won the NCAA women’s championship award. On March 23, the state’s House of Representatives passed a bill named the Save Women’s Sports Act, which bars biological males from competing in women’s sports in their state. Representative Toni Hasenbeck (R-OK) said legislators want to ensure females have the opportunity to “excel in their sport” without having to worry about competing with someone from the opposite sex.

The measure passed the House with a 79 to 18 vote in favor and will now head to the Oklahoma Senate. If passed, the law would require parents or legal guardians to sign an affidavit at the beginning of the school year, affirming their child’s biological sex. Students over 18 will also have to sign the documents.

Oklahoma isn’t the only state in the process of passing laws regarding transgender athletes. Iowa, South Dakota, Ohio, and eight others already have similar measures in place. Other states like Utah and Indiana unsuccessfully tried to pass such laws when their respective governors vetoed them. Governor Spencer Cox (R-UT) cited suicidal ideation among transgenders due to the divisive nature of the law as the reason for his veto.

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