Oklahoma House Passes Abortion Ban Law Similar to Texas

Oklahoma House Passes Abortion Ban Law Similar to Texas

(TargetLiberty.org) – In September 2021, Texas passed an abortion ban after six weeks of pregnancy with incentives for citizens to sue anyone helping to break the law. On March 22, pro-life advocates rejoiced at the passing of a similar bill in Oklahoma’s House of Representatives, which is now headed to the Senate. The bill passed with an overwhelming vote of 78 to 19 in favor of the measure banning all abortions, with the only exception of saving the mother’s life.

Like the Texas law, the Oklahoma legislation will give private citizens the ability to sue anyone helping a woman have an abortion in the state. Pro-choice advocates and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) were in an uproar over the bill, calling the proposed law unconscionable. However, those in favor of preserving the unborn support the ban as a step in the right direction for the country.

The only difference between the Texas law and the bill headed to the Senate in Oklahoma is the Lone Star state allows a six-week grace period. Neither piece of legislation allows exceptions for rape or incest.

If passed, the law would be the strictest in the country with regard to abortion rights, as Roe v. Wade awaits its fate with the Supreme Court, which should make a ruling on the case this summer.

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