Officers in Uvalde Shooting Allowed to Keep Their Jobs Despite Known Failures

Officers in Uvalde Shooting Allowed to Keep Their Jobs Despite Known Failures

Uvalde SHOOTING Cops Learn Their Fates 

( – On May 24, a mass murderer with a gun walked into Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, and killed 21 innocent people — 19 of those were children. Police responding to the incident failed to properly assess the situation, leaving the victims to fend for themselves as frightened parents were held back from saving their kids. On August 29, the public found out that most of the officers involved will return to work in the fall.

Although the school board recently fired Police Chief Pete Arredondo, members admitted they hadn’t even started evaluating the other cops and the part they played in allowing the massacre to continue. Uvaldeans were outraged with the result of the meeting.

In July, the Texas House of Representatives reported “systemic failures and egregious poor decision making” on the part of everyone in a position of power involved in the tragedy. Despite the fact, the school board chose to hold back on consequences for the cops present during the massacre.

One of the board members admitted it had failed to hire the proper number of counselors and police officers for the school and had not received the security doors and frames needed to keep the children safe. Families and parents who attended the meeting were largely unsatisfied with the board’s actions while preparing for the upcoming school year.

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