Off-Duty Cop Saves Baby in Heroic Act

Off-Duty Cop Saves Baby in Heroic Act

( – A humble hero has saved a baby’s life in California. The off-duty police officer was heading home when he saw a desperate mother in need of help.

Last weekend, San Pablo, CA cop Gilbert Troche was driving home from the movie theater with his wife when he saw a young woman stopped beside the road who seemed to be in distress. Troche quickly stopped his car and realized the woman had a baby with her who appeared to be having a medical emergency.

When the woman handed Troche the baby, he saw the child’s face was turning blue, likely from choking. He reacted swiftly, using a back-thrust maneuver and telling the mother to use her finger to clear the baby’s airway. Finally, the baby coughed up the obstruction and could breathe again.

It’s easy for babies to choke to death. Troche almost certainly saved this infant’s life. The officer was modest about his achievement, though. “I definitely don’t feel like a hero,” he said. “I think anybody in that situation… would have probably tried to do the same thing.” Well, maybe – but only one person did, and was it just coincidence that that one person was a police officer who knew what to do?

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