Obama And Biden Teams Butting Heads Again

Daniel Schwen, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

(TargetLiberty.org) – In recent weeks there has been a growing tension between the teams of former President Barack Obama and President Joe Biden. This week, Obama’s political adviser David Axelrod stated that President Biden needed to consider stepping aside from reelection for the sake of the United States. 

Ron Klain who had served as Biden’s former chief of staff in the White House responded to these remarks made by Axelrod.

Many White House aides also dismissed the comments made by Axelrod and pointed out that former President Obama had been in a challenging position a week ahead of his reelection. Despite this Obama had managed to win a second term.

Still, Biden has received a lot of criticism over his reelection, especially following the New York Times/ Sienna College poll which found that President Biden had fallen behind former President Donald Trump in five out of the six battleground states in the country. This poll was part of the reason why Axelrod had made these remarks. 

Days later the White House put out a memo in which they noted that in 2022 the polls had anticipated a “red wave” which had ultimately not materialized. 

A White House alum from the Biden administration had stated that he rolled his eyes at the remarks being made by Axelrod’s “Democratic talking head.” He added that this was his reaction time someone who did not really have real work made such comments about the White House. The alum chose to remain anonymous in other to provide their candid remarks.

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