NYC Public School Enrollment Reaches Dangerous New Low

NYC Public School Enrollment Reaches Dangerous New Low

New York City’s Public Schools Near Breaking Point — Will This Be a Chain Reaction?

( – Parents are abandoning New York City’s public school system in growing numbers. City officials have jumped on the opportunity to cut school budgets — but what’s gone wrong with our largest school system? With the number of children in the city falling, it doesn’t look like the crisis will end soon.

Last week, NYC Mayor Eric Adams (D) and School Chancellor David Banks announced a cut to the city’s Department of Education budget. They said public school enrollments are down for 2022 and the number of students in the system will decrease by 28,100 when the new school year begins this fall, with the total decline for the year expected to break 30,000. Adams described the situation as “a massive hemorrhaging of students” and said the school system is in “a very dangerous place.”

The statistics don’t include students in charter schools and other nontraditional programs, which are growing. Last year, almost half the city’s public schools had fewer students than they budgeted for; just 10% had more. The decrease in student numbers is being blamed on declining birth rates and a growing trend of people moving out of the city, a trend that was turbocharged by COVID. The pandemic spurred rapid growth in charter schools — enrollments are up 9% since 2020 — and it’s continuing; charter schools are set to grow another 1.3% this year. These numbers reveal that the NYC public school system has serious problems, and there’s no end in sight.

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