NYC Hotels Overwhelmed With Migrant Wave

NYC Hotels Overwhelmed With Migrant Wave

City Pays ULTIMATE Price – Taxpayers Footing The Bill For Illegal Immigrants

( – New York City is paying to house illegal migrants in hotels after a surge in arrivals — including thousands bussed in from Texas and Arizona. City officials are complaining, but border state governors are unrepentant. Will the new crisis in northern cities finally force action at the border?

NYC officials are protesting at the increasing volume of illegal immigrants arriving from the south, with the city’s accommodations now full and 14 hotels being used as emergency housing. Manuel Castro, the city’s immigration affairs chief, complained that Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) is “weaponizing” migrants to make a political point. City Comptroller Brad Lander called Abbott’s plan “inhumane.”

Abbott isn’t backing down, though. On August 24, the biggest convoy yet arrived at Manhattan’s Port Authority terminal — five buses carrying 237 people. The migrants have all signed forms confirming they want to go to NYC, but Castro says they’re being forced to sign these under duress. Abbott’s office has hit back, calling NYC Mayor Eric Adams (D) a hypocrite and insisting that the migrants voluntarily signed the paperwork.

Abbott’s Press Secretary Renae Eze said that if Adams wants the bus convoys to stop, “he should stop complaining and call on President Biden to take immediate action to secure the border.” Abbott seems determined to keep the buses coming until the administration finally takes action on the illegal immigration crisis. With Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (R) joining the campaign, the momentum could be swinging their way.

Should Democrat-run cities that encourage illegal immigration be exempt from its consequences, or is Abbott teaching them a valuable lesson?

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