NRA Launches Multi-Million Dollar Plan to Defeat Joe Biden

NRA Launches Multi-Million Dollar Plan to Defeat Joe Biden

( – President Biden has made it crystal clear that he doesn’t have any respect for American’s rights under the Second Amendment. On April 7, he announced his administration is taking “six initial actions to address gun violence” in the wake of recent mass shootings in Boulder, Colorado, and Atlanta, Georgia.

Those actions include efforts to prevent access to “ghost guns,” or guns made from kits and used by many criminals. It also included developing model “red flag” legislation, new rules regarding stabilizing braces for pistols, and other restrictions.

Biden has also urged Congress to pass what he calls “common-sense gun violence prevention legislation” — in other words, new gun control measures.

Now, the nation’s largest gun-rights advocacy group, the National Rifle Association (NRA), is pushing back against these efforts.

The NRA Mounts a Campaign to Defeat Biden’s Gun-Control Measures

On April 21, the NRA announced the launch of a $2-million effort to oppose Biden’s gun control agenda, and David Chipman’s nomination to head up the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, and Explosives.

Chipman’s nomination is of particular concern to the NRA. He’s an activist and lobbyist who used to work for powerful anti-gun groups like Everytown for Gun Safety. The NRA’s director of public relations told The Daily Wire that the nomination of “a radical gun control lobbyist” demonstrates just how far the Biden administration is willing to go “to restrict the rights of law-abiding gun owners.”

The NRA plans to spend the money in a variety of ways. It includes $600K in digital advertisements, $400K on television commercials, $500K for mailers, and the rest on targeted text messages and in-person and digital town hall events.

Fortunately, with Democrats holding their narrowest margin in the House in decades and with the Senate evenly split at 50/50, there’s little chance Biden can force his measures on American’s who have a legal right to own guns.

At least for now, it appears the Second Amendment remains safe.

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