Noted Medical Researcher Discusses Trump’s Vaccine Purchase Strategy

Noted Medical Researcher Discusses Trump's Vaccine Purchase Strategy

( – With the FDA’s approval of an emergency use authorization order for the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine assured, the United States is finally on the way to inoculating the nation against COVID-19. Vaccines are expected to reach the states within a matter of days.

President Donald Trump and members of his administration have come under fire in recent days for turning down an offer from Pfizer to purchase additional doses of the vaccine last summer before it proved successful in clinical trials. That deal would have locked in future supplies beyond the purchase of 100 million doses the federal government agreed to during the summer.

Members of the mainstream media and Democratic opponents of the president were quick to complain about the missed opportunity, which allowed other countries to step in ahead of the United States to make future purchases of the vaccine.

However, as it turned out, the Trump administration appears to have known exactly what it was doing all along.

The Trump Administration’s Strategy

On December 8, CNN host Erin Burnett interviewed board-certified cardiologist, university professor, and medical researcher Dr. Jonathan Reiner about the Pfizer vaccine.

They discussed the news regarding Trump turning down Pfizer’s offer to sell the country more vaccines. Reiner explained what the administration did was smart. They purchased about 800 million total doses of vaccines from multiple companies, not knowing which would first develop effective and ready doses.

According to Dr. Reiner, the administration purchases included 100 million doses from Pfizer, 100 million from Moderna, about 300 million from Oxford-AstraZeneca, and sufficient numbers from other companies.

Continuing, Dr. Reiner advised there’s no reason to think there won’t be enough doses readily available to the nation. He also said he’s fully confident the country won’t have to wait until June for the vaccine like the media keeps saying.

Democrats and the mainstream media can’t seem to wait to criticize the president. However, if Dr. Reiner’s assessment proves correct, the Trump administration did an outstanding job of anticipating and responding to America’s needs.

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