Nonprofit Organization Banned From YouTube for Supposed “Hate Speech”

Nonprofit Organization Banned From YouTube for Supposed

( – Big Tech censors have struck again, with yet another social media account deleted for blasphemy against the new religion of wokeness. So what’s the latest group to fall victim to broadly interpreted “hate speech” rules? Is it an Islamist terror group? A gang of neo-Nazis? No, it’s a therapy advocacy group.

On January 12, Forbes magazine ran an article about a new report by the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism (GPAHE). The report was nominally about the prevalence of gay conversion therapy on the internet, but much of it was a rant against the Reintegrative Therapy Association (RTA). The RTA is a nonprofit that offers counseling for people suffering from trauma or addictive behavior. GPAHE labeled them as a conversion therapy group, something the RTA vehemently denies.

While the RTA says the therapy it provides could lead to gay people changing their sexuality, that isn’t one of its goals – and in fact goals are set by the patient, not the RTA.

Reintegrative therapy is evidence-based and used by both straight and gay people, unlike conversion therapy. Unfortunately, it seems the fact it can affect sexuality was enough for GPAHE to label RTA as a conversion therapy group, and to call on tech companies to shut them out. Within three days, the RTA YouTube account had been suspended, and now it’s been deleted.

YouTube claimed the ban was because of “repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines on Hate Speech,” but RTA founder Joseph Nicolosi Jr. says it went from no complaints to permanent suspension overnight once the Forbes article hit the streets. Nicolosi has no doubt who’s to blame. He says reintegrative therapy is “a threat to ‘woke’ activists, so they gave Big Tech marching orders instead of debating us.”

It’s becoming a depressingly common tactic.

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