Nodding Trump Supporter Targeted By Radical Left

Nodding Trump Supporting Lady Targeted By Radical Left

( – A woman who became a viral internet sensation after last week’s election town halls says her business is being targeted by left-wing activists, who are sending hate mail to her employees.

Mayra Joli, a Miami immigration attorney, was sitting behind President Trump at his town hall and attracted attention when she nodded in agreement with many of the things he said. Naturally, the Left immediately launched a crusade to track her down and harass her employer into firing her.

Unfortunately for them, Joli, a legal immigrant from the Dominican Republic, doesn’t have an employer – she runs her own law firm. So, instead, leftists are bombarding her staff with abuse and urging them to quit. Joli, who donated to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign before being impressed by President Trump’s performance in office, shared a selection of hate mail with Fox News on October 21. The five-time beauty pageant winner is unworried, though. She told Fox, “Donald Trump taught me that I cannot just be silent, and I have to think for myself.”

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