NFL Player Punished For Sharing His Religious Values

Photo by Adrian Curiel on Unsplash

( – On Thursday, Republican Andrew Bailey, Attorney General of Missouri, accused Kansas City of doxxing Chiefs’ kicker Harrison Butker, pledging to hold the City accountable. 

Taking to X, Bailey wrote that his office would be demand “accountability” after the City doxxed Butker on Wednesday for “daring to express his religious beliefs.”

He added that he would be enforcing Missouri’s Human Rights Act to guarantee Missourians wouldn’t be “targeted” for exercising their freedom of religion. 

“Stay tuned,” Bailey concluded. 

The Attorney General’s post was a response to a since-deleted post by Kansas City’s official government account on Wednesday evening that issued a “reminder that Harrison Butker lives in the City of Lee’s Summit.”

In less than two hours, the City’s official account had removed the post and released a statement apologizing for the previous post, claiming it was “shared in error.”

Quinton Lucas, Democratic mayor of Kansas City, also issued a statement declaring the original tweet “inappropriate” for the official account. 

Lucas lauded the City’s response for “correctly” apologizing for the mistake and promised that there would be a “review” of the account’s access to prevent something like the Butker tweet from being shared in the future. 

The since-deleted post came amid Butker receiving backlash for a commencement address he gave on Saturday at a Catholic liberal arts College. 

During his speech, the kicker criticized President Joe Biden for numerous issues, including how the President was able to support abortion access while portraying himself as a devout Catholic. 

Butker rallied against the “poor leadership” and “bad policies” for “negatively” affecting “major life issues” — mentioning abortion, euthanasia, increasing support of “degenerate culture values,” surrogacy, and “in vitro fertilization.”

He then took aim at Biden, claiming the President is “delusional” for “proudly proclaim[ing] his Catholic faith” and making “the sign of the cross” while at a “pro-abortion rally.”

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