NFL OWNER Reports “Mafia” – He May Have Dirt On Someone!

NFL Owner Calls League

NFL Owner Calls League “Mafia” Amid Allegations Against Him

( – Controversial football team owner Dan Snyder has hit out at the National Football league, calling the organization a “mafia.” Snyder is embroiled in a series of investigations. The NFL says he’s an abusive boss; Snyder says the NFL is corrupt.

Washington Commanders owner Snyder, who was accused of sexual harassment by the Washington Post in 2020, is privately threatening to “blow up” the League, according to insiders. The NFL is currently running several investigations into the team owner’s behavior, following allegations by at least 15 women who say they were sexually harassed by staff since he bought the team in 1999. None of the women are claiming he personally harassed them — but he’s been criticized for creating a workplace culture that tolerates abuse.

Snyder isn’t taking the allegations lying down. People who know him say he claims to have compromising information on key NFL figures, including other team owners and commissioner Roger Goodell.

Snyder never reveals what this information actually is, but he’s adamant that he’s collected dirt from multiple sources. He’s also strongly critical of the League itself. He recently told a colleague “The NFL is a mafia… all the owners hate each other” — although one owner retorted, “That’s not true. All the owners hate Dan.” The question is, can they force him out without going down with him?

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