Newt Gingrich Says America’s Future Depends on Georgia Senate Races

Newt Gingrich Says America's Future Depends on Georgia Senate Races

( – Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA) issued a stark warning Monday, urging Georgia Republicans to turn out for January’s Georgia Senate runoff elections. Predicting Democrats could steal the elections if Republicans don’t fight, he outlined a nightmare future if they succeed.

Talking to Breitbart’s Alex Marlow on November 30, Gingrich called the 2020 election the biggest presidential theft since 1824. He warned that, now, the Georgia runoffs are the difference between containing Biden and empowering him. If Democrats take control of the Senate, according to Gingrich, we face a future of left-wing activist judges, high taxation and appeasement of China. “You have to go out and vote,” he said, “and then frankly, you have to volunteer as a poll watcher and make sure they don’t steal the election.”

Gingrich, who served as Speaker for 14 years and ran for the Republican nomination in 2012, has been a loyal and consistent supporter of President Trump. He told Marlow, “The future of the United States depends on the outcome of the Georgia Senate races.”

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