Newsom’s Order Faces Legal Challenge

Newsom's Order Faces Legal Challenge

( – California’s Democrat governor hasn’t been shy about using the Chinese virus crisis to swing the electoral system in his favor. On May 8 Gavin Newsom issued an executive order giving every registered voter in the state a mail-in ballot for the upcoming presidential election – despite well-known problems with the state’s voter roll.

Now Newsom is facing a legal challenge to a move that, many say, leaves California – the most influential state in the White House race – open to fraud on a massive scale.

Former San Diego congressman and current candidate Darrell Issa, supported by civil rights group Judicial Watch, filed suit Thursday in a Sacramento district court. The goal is to block the executive order and enforce the usual rules for mail-in ballots. Issa says the order could mean thousands of people wasting their votes, and also points out it could affect his own campaign for San Diego’s 50th District. Understandably, he wants a fair fight for the seat – and he’s prepared to sue the governor to get it.

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