Newsom Vacations in State He’s Constantly Lobbying Against

Newsom Vacations in State He's Constantly Lobbying Against

Newsom Just Made The Most Hypocritical Move Of The Year

( – There’s no doubt California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) has it out for red states. He has actively spoken out against them, even going so far as to buy airtime in Florida to run ads attacking the state’s Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis. You’d think with all the animosity he holds toward them, the Democrat would steer clear of any state that even tilts slightly to the Right, but alas he recently came under fire for vacationing in Montana.

While Newsom has a legit reason to be in the state — he’s visiting family — it certainly seems very hypocritical of him to give them his business, especially when he minces no words about Republican-led states. In fact, Montana is on California’s banned list for state-funded travel.

Many even asked if the governor traveled with security detail, a question his communications director Erin Mellon refused to answer citing security concerns. However, it’s not uncommon for governors to travel with California Highway Patrol officers, who double as bodyguards. This act isn’t forbidden as the travel ban does not apply to them; they are protected by an exception to the law that allows law enforcement to physically protect elected officials.

What do you think about Newsom’s travel location? Is it hypocritical of him to visit a state his own actively shuns?

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