Newsom Recently Signed Into Law Multiple Gun Control Orders

Newsom Recently Signed Into Law Multiple Gun Control Orders

Gavin Newsom Sets Records — New Restrictions Incoming

( – California already has some of the strictest gun laws in the US. Now, with mass shootings on the rise nationally, the state’s ultra-liberal governor has been signing a blizzard of new restrictions. At least ten new gun control laws have been signed this month alone.

On July 22, Governor Gavin Newsom (CA-D) signed a new law that allows any Californian to sue anyone who distributes firearms that are illegal in the state, with a minimum award of $10,000 per weapon if the lawsuit succeeds. Banned weapons include so-called “assault weapons,” including AR15-style guns and many other modern sporting rifles, as well as unserialized “ghost guns.” Newsom says the law is modeled on Texas’s new abortion law, which allows citizens to sue anyone who illegally performs the procedure — and he’s running ads in Texas newspapers bragging about it.

Other California gun laws passed this month include new restrictions on gun advertising to minors, enhanced inspections of dealers and 10-year bans on gun ownership for anyone convicted of abusing children or senior citizens.

Mass shooting deaths in the US have been trending up sharply since 2004. From 2019 to 2021, the national average mass shooting homicide rate was 1.9 per million people. California’s was 1.4 per million.

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