Newsom THREATENS GOP Leaders With Possible Investigation — Forgets 1 KEY Fact

Newsom Blasts GOP Leaders for Migrant Buses While His Own Hypocrisy Gets Exposed

Newsom Blasts GOP Leaders for Migrant Buses While His Own Hypocrisy Gets Exposed

( – California’s leftist governor has attacked red states that are busing illegal immigrants to liberal-run cities. Gavin Newsom (D) called the relocation programs “morally reprehensible” and compared them to kidnapping. However, it seems that he maybe has a slight case of amnesia, because he used to run a similar scheme himself while he was mayor of San Francisco.

Newsom is appalled by the move and has written to Attorney General Merrick Garland, asking him to investigate whether Governors Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and Greg Abbott (R-TX) are guilty of kidnapping.

What Newsom seems to have forgotten is that in 2006, when he was mayor of San Francisco, he ran a program called “Homeward Bound”. The program involved putting the city’s homeless on buses and shipping them out of the city.

At the time, Newsom claimed he was sending them to where people could help them. Critics said he was just dumping the homelessness situation upon others. Newsom even said that the majority of the homeless he bused out had come from Texas, earning himself a Pants On Fire award from fact-checker PolitiFact.

Over the last few weeks, the liberal elite has been forced to face the consequences of President Joe Biden’s border policies. Exasperated by the administration’s failure to secure our southern border, the Republican governors of Florida and Texas have started relocating illegal immigrants to New York City, Washington, DC, and even Martha’s Vineyard.

Now that Newsom is going up against Texas again, will he trip over his own hypocrisy?

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