News Anchor Calls Out Liberal Senator on TV

News Anchor Calls Out Liberal Senator On TV

( – For decades, the filibuster has been used by the minority party to protect our nation from a slim majority passing laws that could take advantage of or even abuse the little guys. This ingenious tool has been used by both the Left and Right in recent years, yet Democrats are now calling to end it now that their legislation is stalling. In a rare move this week by CNN anchor Jake Tapper, the host called out one Democrat for his hypocrisy on the subject.

On Tuesday, June 22, Tapper spoke with Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) on his fight to abolish the filibuster. Blumenthal declared that the GOP has chosen to “overuse, abuse and misuse” the tool this year, as they’ve successfully blocked radically progressive bills that have failed to garner little if any Republican support.

Without missing a beat, however, Tapper confronted the Connecticut senator, reminding him that he has in fact voted in favor of filibustering Republicans multiple times — a fact that Blumenthal could not deny. Many Americans were happily surprised by Tapper’s pressuring and shared about it on Twitter:

Blumenthal tried to change the topic to blaming “dark money” for the corruption and claimed that our nation’s Founding Fathers would have “absolutely rejected” the filibuster in its modern use. While Blumenthal can try and talk his way out of this one, it’s clear he’s not the only Democrat who has been quite hypocritical on the subject.

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