Newly Released Poll Says Americans Want Biden to Step Aside

Newly Released Poll Says Americans Want Biden to Step Aside

( – President Joe Biden’s first year in office has been filled with scandals. The crisis on the border remains a problem. Inflation is high. Gas prices have increased dramatically and many Americans feel as though he isn’t doing enough to lower them. Crime is up all over the country — and it seems people are fed up.

In December, a Yahoo News/YouGov survey found the American people are not thrilled with the idea of the president running for reelection in 2024. Only 38% of his 2020 voters want to see him on the ballot again. Worse than that endorsement, 30% of respondents want Biden to step aside. Democrats aren’t feeling much better about his performance as president, only 43% want him to run again while 28% want him to step aside.

The negative feelings about the president are not new, they’ve persisted throughout the year. In August, a Quinnipiac University National Poll showed Biden’s approval ratings shifting dramatically. At that time, only 28% of respondents agreed with the way he had handled the job up until that point. They were also asked if they would be more or less likely to vote for someone Biden endorsed. Of those polled, 16% said they were less likely and the majority, 53%, said it wouldn’t matter at all.

Not only is public opinion trending in the wrong direction for the president, but it could go very wrong for Democrats in the midterms, especially if millions decide to show the Left how fed up they are with the way the country is trending.

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