New York Rep. Calls for Nursing Home Death Investigation

New York Rep. Calls for Nursing Home Death Investigation

( – A US congressman has joined in the criticism of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) over the state’s disastrous COVID policy, following the deaths of thousands of people in New York nursing homes last year. He’s hardly the first to question Cuomo’s decisions, but this time the pressure is coming from a fellow Democrat.

On February 11, one of Cuomo’s aides admitted state officials had withheld the COVID-19 data because they were concerned federal prosecutors would use the information against them. The revelation sparked calls for the impeachment of the officials responsible, and demands from GOP lawmakers for a DOJ investigation.

Representative Antonio Delgado (D-NY) tweeted in protest on Sunday. Delgado, who represents New York’s 19th Congressional District, raged, “Politics should never come before people’s lives.”

On February 15, Governor Cuomo acknowledged the lack of transparency during a press conference, calling it a “mistake.” However, he continued to defend his administration’s handling of nursing homes over the last year, adding that “everything was done by the best minds in the best interest.”

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