New York Magazine Admits Kamala Is Losing “Political Traction”

New York Magazine Admits Kamala Is Losing

Kamala Harris Is LOSING – Could Be Replaced!

( – Democrats are starting to realize that in choosing Vice President Kamala Harris as President Biden’s running mate, they’ve backed themselves into a corner. Now, with doubts about the country’s leadership growing, they’re looking for a way out. But could it already be too late?

A recent Op/Ed article in New York Magazine highlights the Democrats’ dilemma. Author Gabriel Debenedetti believes the Left now has “a successor-in-waiting who is just as disliked as the standard-bearer but is also exactly as irreplaceable.”

There’s no doubt voters dislike Harris; an August 2 poll by political analysis site FiveThirtyEight found 48.6% of Americans disapprove of the job she’s doing, while just 36.6% approve. That’s in the same region of awful as Biden’s own polls, which give him 39.2% approval. It’s true that even more Americans, 55.6%, disapprove of the president, but we’ve seen more of him.

Debenedetti said Harris has reached “an unparalleled low point” in political credibility but blamed her “thankless portfolio” for her unpopularity. Yet, there have been issues in the VP’s office since her term began, with staff leaving at a rate that’s drawn attention even in Washington, DC.

Two additional senior aides quit last month, including one who’s been with her for more than six years. Debenedetti revealed Harris as a presidential candidate concerns party donors — but with Biden’s hopes of a 2024 run steadily evaporating, who else do the Dems have who could credibly run for the job?

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