New York Draws Redistricting Map Favoring Democrats

New York Draws Redistricting Map Favoring Democrats

( – The Democrats face losing control of the House in November’s midterm elections, but they’re not going down without a fight – even if it means rigging the system in their favor. Now, New York’s Dem-controlled state legislature has put forward a new redistricting map that cuts the number of seats overall, but increases the number for Dems.

On January 30, Democrat state representatives released a new proposal for New York’s congressional districts. The state needs to reduce its number of districts from 27 to 26, to reflect population changes that have seen millions of people abandoning Democrat-controlled coastal cities and moving to red states. However, Dems have jumped on the chance to do some industrial-scale gerrymandering. Right now, New York has 19 Democrat representatives and 8 Republican ones. Under the proposed changes, if voting patterns remained the same, that would shift to 22 Democrats and just 4 Republicans.

This isn’t just a concern in New York. Nationally, Democrat legislatures have already pushed through redistricting maps that would have given their party an extra five seats in the House in 2020. If New York’s map is approved, that will rise to eight. Right now, the Democrats have a 10-seat advantage in the House, and the Republicans are hoping to take control in November. It’s unlikely the Dems will get as many extra seats as they expect because the polls are predicting a big shift to the GOP, but they’re certainly trying.

Is it time to take redistricting out of the hands of state legislators and put a nonpartisan independent commission in charge?

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