New York Democrats Backtrack 9/11 Comparison to Climate Change

New York Democrats Backtrack 9/11 Comparison to Climate Change

( – Politicians take on many causes to represent their constituents, so they need to pay attention to whom they align themselves. On March 8, Senators Rachel May (D-NY) and Robert Jackson (D-NY) shamefully posed for a photo-op behind a sign comparing climate change to the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. The sign depicted a plane with climate change scrawled on the side heading straight for the Twin Towers.

The outrageous behavior sparked fury among those who saw the photo, as they blasted the politicians for using such a horrific tragedy to further their own agendas. Senator Rob Ortt (R-NY) called the photo a “disgusting display” and openly wondered why Democrats weren’t condemning the action.

Jackson spoke out, claiming he didn’t see the sign before posing with it, which is a problem in and of itself. He called the imagery “unacceptable.” However, some allege he saw the banner beforehand and even commented on it to the crowd. May also apologized for her part in the activist photo-op.

Perhaps lawmakers who represent the citizens of America should do their homework before agreeing to support any organization or to be in photos with them.

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