New York Declared “TOSSUP” In Shocking Turnaround!

New York Governor's Race Declared Toss-up

New York Governor’s Race Declared Toss-up

( – With just three weeks to go until the midterm elections, the Democratic Party’s fears of a red wave are back — and in fact, they’re spooked worse than ever. Key races the Dems thought were in the bag are suddenly looking a lot closer than expected. New York’s governor is the latest left-wing politician to suddenly find herself in the firing line.

Two months ago, Governor Kathy Hochul (D) had a comfortable 24% lead over challenger Representative Lee Zeldin (R-NY). In a solidly blue state like New York, that wasn’t a surprise to anyone. What is surprising is how the polls have been moving since then. An average of polls carried out between September 30 and October 12 shows her lead has fallen to just 5.3% — and one poll, reported by Fox last week, found it could be as low as just 2%.

While Hochul still holds a solid lead among registered voters, New York independents are leaning heavily toward Zeldin. The Republican has promised a crackdown on New York’s exploding crime rate if he’s elected, and that message is hitting home with many voters.

Zeldin has been endorsed by former president Donald Trump, who brought in $1.5 million for his campaign with a fundraiser last month. Between that and a highly-motivated Republican voter base, Zeldin has made dramatic progress since August. Now RealClearPolitics says the race is a “toss up” between the two.

Could this deep blue state be about to flip?

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