New SWING STATES Revealed – Giant Switch up Reported!

New Swing States Take Spotlight During Midterm Fights

New Swing States Take Spotlight During Midterm Fights

( – Traditionally, there have been swing states across the country that get a lot of attention. Florida, North Carolina, and Wisconsin are examples of a few. These are states where the populations are pretty evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats.

In recent years, other states that used to be reliably conservative or liberal have been thrown into the mix. For example, former President Donald Trump was able to beat Hillary Clinton in 2016 because he knocked down the “Blue wall.” The 2022 midterms could see more states turn purple.


The Beaver State is as reliably Blue as one can get. The last Republican governor to serve was Victor Atiyeh from 1979 to 1987. Since then, every single leader has been a Democrat. That could change this time around.

Democratic nominee Tina Kotek is having a hard time fending off Republican Christine Drazan. Experts believe there are a number of reasons, including the issue of public safety. Portland experienced riots that lasted for months in 2020, frustrating residents. Business owners have complained about violence in the state for years. There’s also a third-party candidate, Betsy Johnson, who is siphoning votes from both sides of the aisle. Currently, The Cook Political Report has the race rated a “toss-up.”

New York

Like Oregon, The Empire State is considered reliably Blue. George Pataki, who left office at the end of 2006, was the last Republican to serve as New York governor. Before he was elected, Democrats had served for the prior 20 years.

Rep. Lee Zeldin could become the next Republican governor in the state if he wins on November 8. The tough-on-crime conservative has made public safety his top priority. Real Clear Politics has Governor Kathy Hochul (D) leading slightly, however, the race has been tightening.


On the flip side, Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) is leaving office when his term is up next year, leaving his US Senate seat up for grabs in Pennsylvania. The Republican has held his seat for two terms, and it has been relatively safe. However, Democrat John Fetterman, who is currently the lieutenant governor, has a chance of flipping the seat.

Dr. Mehmet Oz is running as the Republican nominee for the Senate. He and Fetterman are locked in an incredibly close battle. The Cook Political Report has labeled the race a “toss-up.”

Do you think any other seats could flip in the next election?

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