New Reports Reveal Parler’s Commitment to Free Speech

New Reports Reveal Parler's Commitment to Free Speech

( – Parler, the alternative social media platform shut down by liberal tech companies in January and relaunched on February 15, is positioning itself as a defender of free speech in a country where that right is under increasing pressure. On Tuesday, March 16, it emerged that in meetings days before the service went back online, company leaders rallied their staff around the First Amendment banner.

In one meeting, the interim CEO told staff, “Love it or not, you’re warriors. This is a war.” A week later, just hours before the relaunch, Rebekah Mercer – a backer of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, who has also pumped funding into Parler – joined another meeting personally to tell employees that free speech can’t be shut down. “It’s the first step toward tyranny and despotism, and we can’t let it happen,” she said.

The new-look Parler has taken steps to make sure it’s not used to incite violence, while holding onto its commitment to free speech. Chief policy officer Amy Peikoff said there are no plans to block misinformation, while discriminatory speech will be hidden behind a filter but not removed. Freedom of speech includes the freedom to be obnoxious or wrong, and while we might not like what some people say, Parler is defending their right to say it.

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