New Reports Reveal Disturbing Truth About American Public Schools

New Reports Reveal Disturbing Truth About American Public Schools

( – The nation’s educational system has found itself at the center of attention in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. School closures have played a major role in the collapse of the nation’s economy, with school districts failing to reopen in-class teaching.

Online learning and virtual classrooms have proven to be an overwhelming challenge for students, teachers and schools geared to teaching a lot more than reading, writing, and arithmetic. They also help children learn social skills, sports, participation in the arts, and so much more.

However, many systemic failures within the nation’s school system pre-date the coronavirus.

Project Baltimore’s Stunning Discovery

Fox-affiliated television station WBFF-TV published a stunning report detailing a local high school where hundreds of students are currently failing. The report, WBFF’s Project Baltimore, is an investigative reporting initiative that talked to the family of a student who was promoted three times in the last four years with a current grade point average of only 0.13.

Even worse, this student ranked 62 out of 120 students, meaning 58 students have a grade point average equal to or lower than 0.13. His mother, Tiffany France, told Project Baltimore that she thought her son would be graduating this June. To her dismay, he has only passed three classes in four years and has been moved back to the ninth grade, but yet was ranked in the top half of his class.

A Baltimore Public School Fails

As she related, no one from the school contacted her about any issues with his grades. All she knows is that he kept getting passed to the next grade. A review of his transcripts shows he failed first-year Spanish and algebra yet was promoted to Spanish II and Algebra II. It also shows he missed or was late to school 272 times.

“He’s stressed, and I am too,” his mother told Project Baltimore. “I don’t know what to do.” According to her, the school district failed her 17-year-old son. “They failed! He didn’t deserve that.”

This story highlights larger issues within the American school system. How was it even possible to continue promoting a child who failed all but three classes in four years? Why wasn’t his mother informed of his grades? How involved was she in her son’s education? Shouldn’t students, parents and taxpayers expect more from schools? What is the school district doing with taxpayer dollars?

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