New Report Details Hunter Biden’s Secret Deals Behind Closed Doors

New Report Details Hunter Biden's Secret Deals Behind Closed Doors

( – When the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop were made public in 2020, one of the stories the New York Post wrote was about his deals in China. The media initially dismissed the reports, calling everything Russian propaganda. A year and a half later, it seems they have seen the light.

The Washington Post recently published a report detailing President Joe Biden’s son’s deals with CEFC China Energy Co. The newspaper claims the Chinese energy company paid $4.8 million to the entities owned by Hunter and his uncle James Biden over 14 months. The WaPo reports emails from the laptop and bank records support the claims. The money reportedly transferred hands in a number of closed-door meetings.

Although the report specifically states there’s no evidence President Biden benefited from the deals in any way, it shows his family has been profiting from his associations.

Republican legislators have closely scrutinized Hunter Biden’s business dealings overseas over the last couple of years. Lawmakers have expressed concern his surviving son’s deals might have exposed the president to some unseen vulnerability.

The White House refused to comment on the WaPo’s story except to say the president wasn’t involved in any of his son’s business deals.

Do you think Hunter Biden’s business dealings warrant further investigation?

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