New Poll Spells BIG Trouble For Democrats

New Poll Shows Dems Losing Ground to GOP on Latino Voters

New Poll Shows Dems Losing Ground to GOP on Latino Voters

( – The midterm elections are now just a month away, and the Democrats are desperate to keep control of Congress. To do that, they need to attract every voter. Unfortunately, they’re losing support in a key demographic: Latino Americans.

A new NBC News/Telemundo poll of 1000 registered Latino voters has revealed bad news for the Democratic Party. While most Latinos still lean Democrat, preferring the party to hold control of Congress, that majority has shrunk significantly. Yet, though 54% of Latinos support the Dems, giving them a 20-point lead over the GOP, that lead is down by 5% since 2020 and 13% since 2018.

The poll doesn’t show a lot of enthusiasm for President Joe Biden, personally, either. Only 51% of Latinos approve of his record, while 45% disapprove. That makes the president’s lead much narrower than his party’s, promising trouble if he carries out his threat to run again in 2024. The survey shows that while Latinos generally agree with the Democrats on issues like abortion and healthcare, the Liberals are losing ground to the Republicans on more important matters like crime and, particularly, the economy.

If the Democratic party maintains its big-spending woke agenda, Latino voters will likely continue to abandon it. As its lead among all voters has completely evaporated, leaving Americans evenly split on who they’d like to see in control of Congress, the party can’t afford to wave goodbye to any more voters. But can it change course now?

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