New Poll Proves Americans Think Biden Is Using the FBI for Personal Gain

New Poll Proves Americans Think Biden Is Using The FBI For Personal Gain

New Polling REVEALS How Americans Feel About The FBI

( – The FBI raid on former president Donald Trump’s home keeps piling up unforeseen consequences. First, it caused a surge in support for Trump. Now, a new poll says it’s damaged the American people’s trust in the FBI itself.

A Rasmussen poll published on August 18 has some very bad news for the FBI’s reputation. Pollsters asked respondents if they agreed with former Trump adviser Roger Stone that “politicized thugs” in the FBI leadership are using the Bureau as “Joe Biden’s personal Gestapo.” It turns out that 53% of Americans at least somewhat agree with this statement, rising to 55% among black voters.

Democrats are most likely to have a favorable opinion of the FBI, with 75% thinking it’s doing a good job. Among Republicans, though, that figure has fallen from 38% in December to just 30% now. Unaffiliated voters are also turning hostile, with 45% having a favorable opinion against 50% unfavorable.

On August 22, Trump filed a lawsuit against the Justice Department over the August 8 raid, claiming it violated his Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable search or seizure. The suit argues that the search was a “shockingly aggressive move” and calls on the government to put proper oversight on the investigation that led to the search. Interestingly, it also hints strongly at a 2024 Trump campaign.

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