New Poll Finds Almost No One Thinks America Is Headed in the Right Direction

New Poll Finds Almost No One Thinks America Is Headed in the Right Direction

( – A new Gallup poll suggests Americans on both sides of the aisle are equally unhappy with the country’s direction. While respondents cited the economy as a core motivator for dissatisfaction, they also touched on a number of other key issues — including failures within the Biden administration.

Satisfaction Remains Meager

Gallup’s poll ran from February 1 through 17, granting approximately 1,008 respondents time to share their opinions on a number of topics related to the path the US is taking. All respondents were 18 years of age or older at the time they took the survey.

What researchers discovered was a startling lack of faith in the direction the US is moving. Just 21% said they felt confident with the way things are going. A staggering 78% expressed dissatisfaction instead.

Gallup did note satisfaction rose slightly between January and February of 2022. However, they remain at the lowest point recorded since President Joe Biden first stepped into office.

Top Issues Changing

Respondents unequivocally raised concerns about the current and future state of the US economy as a driving factor for dissatisfaction. In fact, approximately 30% cited problems such as inflation, the high cost of living, unemployment, the federal budget, and the growing wealth gap as top concerns.

Economic concerns aside, around 20% of participants also expressed dissatisfaction with government leadership. Republicans criticized the Biden administration’s failures, while Democrats pointed the finger at congressional Republicans for their displeasure instead.

That certainly seems to reflect the current reality. A number of Republicans spoke out against President Joe Biden and his administration shortly after his recent State of the Union Address. Governor Kim Reynolds (R-IA), who delivered the GOP’s rebuttal, accused Biden of taking the country back to a time in the 1980s when families were hammered by inflation.

Low Concern over COVID-19 and Russia

Concern about the COVID-19 pandemic, which 20% of participants ranked as the most critical issue back in January, actually dropped by almost 7%, settling in at around 13%. This shift may reflect changing attitudes towards the pandemic and the CDC’s recent decision to relax its position on masks.

Just 2% of respondents cited concerns about Russia as a top issue at the time of the poll. However, it’s important to note the results were finalized before the crisis officially began; the next survey might paint a very different picture, given the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

Such damning results raise an important question: do Americans have anything to look forward to in the near future? President Biden certainly seems to think so, but a number of political leaders continue to fight tooth and nail for a better tomorrow. There is still hope.

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