New Poll Exposes Biden’s Weakness

New Poll Exposes Biden's Weakness

( – The US has had time to get a good look at President Biden now – and the latest polls show that most people aren’t too impressed by what they see.

A Rasmussen poll among 1,000 likely US voters taken from May 27-30 found that many voters see Biden as weaker than his recent predecessors. Just 32% think he’s a stronger commander-in-chief of the US military than most recent presidents, while 43% think he’s weaker. Even among Democrats, only 55% think he’s stronger.

In another blow to the president, a second poll looked at race relations – and, despite his embrace of Critical Race Theory and the “woke” agenda – Biden’s failing there too. A large majority of black Americans – 66% – don’t think race relations have improved under Biden. If the administration keeps pushing extremist police reform policies, that percentage could rise even higher.

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