New NASA Project Could Change Space Exploration

New NASA Project Could Change Space Exploration

( – NASA has announced a radical new plan that could revolutionize the way we explore space. It’s all based around a new rover they plan to send to the Moon in 2023.

On May 24, NASA revealed that they plan to send the Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover, or VIPER, to the Moon’s south pole. The aim is to look for deposits of ice sheltered in the craters there – and, if it finds them, they could be used to kickstart the building of a permanent base.

One of the biggest challenges to space exploration is the cost of sending anything into orbit. If VIPER can find lunar ice reserves, they could then be turned into water, oxygen and rocket fuel. With these resources, the cost of exploring the Moon, or even building a permanent base, would be slashed. The Moon could even become a base for exploring further out in the solar system.

VIPER will be the size of a golf cart and will be equipped with a yard-long drill and three spectrometers to analyze samples.

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