New Documents Expose Details of Cuomo Accusations

New Documents Shed Light on Cuomo Investigation

( – Former Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) is having another bad week. New York Attorney General Letitia James just released a mountain of new documents stemming from the ongoing investigation into whether the governor harassed a number of people on the job. The enlightening transcripts paint a disturbing picture of a man who, at times, seems unhinged.

Latest Transcripts Reveal New Details

According to AP news, AG James’s new release largely contains transcripts from interviews with accusers. However, a small number also highlights conversations with the governor himself. All reveal shocking details about the accusations against Cuomo and his oddly paranoid response.

Former aide Brittany Commisso reported Cuomo groping her in the middle of the executive mansion sometime in 2020. But that’s far from the only incident she remembers. Commisso also says she faced constant comments from the governor about her body, her sex life and her relationship with her husband. At least once, he also reportedly told her to “show some leg.”

Another interview between former US Attorney Joon Kim and Cuomo saw the pair discuss the governor’s history of sexual harassment training. Shockingly, he admitted to not attending required sessions in over two years. When Kim presented a form signed by Cuomo stating he had attended the mandatory yearly session in 2019, he revealed that executive secretary Stephanie Benton likely signed it on his behalf.

Surprisingly, he also admitted Benton ascribed his signature to a number of legislative bills. Yet, Cuomo seemed unsure of exactly when or where this happened.

Cuomo Fires Back in Interviews

While details from accusers raise enough concerns on their own, it’s Cuomo’s often-paranoid and frequently belligerent response to interviewers Anne Clark and Joon Kim that sheds the most light on his feelings. Documents suggest Cuomo often accused the two investigators of bias, suggesting they carried a hidden political agenda.

The governor, at one point, accused Kim of serving as a “puppet” for former United States Attorney Preet Bharara and US Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY). Cuomo also felt that Clark’s history as an employment lawyer rendered her too biased to investigate workplace harassment accusations, although it isn’t exactly clear why.

When Kim asked Cuomo to clarify whether he was trying to dig up information on the lawyers involved in the case in an effort to delegitimize their efforts, the governor responded in a way that felt almost threatening: “Well, what are you worried about, Joon?”

Governor Cuomo’s Unbridled Temper

While the Cuomo investigation largely hinges on sexual harassment allegations, the transcripts also paint a picture of a governor who frequently seemed to suffer from an anger management problem as well. Former aide Charlotte Bennett indicated that staffers often hated meeting with him because it meant they were forced to face his wrath.

His emotional outbursts were allegedly so intense, they sometimes left the woman in tears.

On at least one occasion, Cuomo allegedly pounded his fist on a door. During another, he threatened to throw an aide out a window for being uncooperative.

Several of his female top advisors, including Melissa DeRosa, also sowed division and bullied coworkers to the point where Bennett and others labeled them the “mean girls.” Bennet feels Cuomo encouraged them in an effort to indirectly abuse staffers, creating a toxic workplace.

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