New Data Shows Poor Outlook for Students

New Data Shows Poor Outlook for Students

( – New data shows serious problems in US public schools, with science scores static or declining over the last few years. The Left might argue that we need to spend more on education – but that isn’t the answer.

On May 25, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) released its annual report card for America’s schools, and it makes for depressing reading. Only 36% of 4th graders scored ”Proficient” or better in science – and by 12th grade, things are even worse, with just 22% reaching the proficient level.

NCES found that the problem specifically affects public schools, with private schools doing significantly better. That’s despite huge resources being pumped into public schools – more than $15,000 per student annually. In fact, research from 1997 showed that more money doesn’t necessarily translate into better results.

The US public school system is fundamentally broken, with too many students unable to learn the skills they actually need.

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