New Candidates Announced 2024 Presidential Run

Photo by René DeAnda on Unsplash

( – Physician Jill Stein announced that she was joining the presidential race and would attempt to win the 2024 Green Party’s nomination.

Stein had previously run during the 2016 presidential race as the Green Party nominee against former President Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Stein, who announced her participation in the presidential race on social media and unveiled her campaign website, argued in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, that the country’s democracy was on “life support.”

She added that a historically low number of Americans trust the political system, while many of them do not feel that either of the major political parties represents them. She argued that this was why it was time to make a choice on the ballot, as election freedom was essential for democracy. She proceeded to say that this was the “time to revive the promise of democracy.”

On her website, Stein revealed that she was joining the presidential race in order to give the American people an option that did not fall within the two-party system that has failed. She added that with her candidacy they would put forward a “pro-worker, anti-war, climate emergency agenda” in the election ballot.

In 2016 Democrats had been angry about Stein joining the presidential race, arguing that she had contributed to Trump winning the Presidency as she had taken votes away from Clinton in swing states.

Polling for the 2024 presidential cycle has shown that Trump and Biden are very close to one another, and a similar scenario to the one that had played in 2016 could potentially occur in November 2024.

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