New Bodycam Footage Shows NBC Targeting Kyle Rittenhouse Jury

New Bodycam Footage Shows NBC Targeting Kyle Rittenhouse Jury

( – Wisconsin cops have released video of an NBC reporter pursuing jurors in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. The move follows a controversy over a court-ordered ban on the network covering the trial.

On November 30, the Kenosha police department released body cam footage taken by its officers as they pursued NBC producer James Joseph Morrison trailing the bus carrying the jury from the courtroom on November 17. As he followed the vehicle, cops saw him speeding through a red light, and a traffic patrol officer stopped him. They asked Morrison if he was following a vehicle and he admitted that his New York office had told him to follow the jury and “find a location” – presumably where the jury was staying.

Police then spoke to NBC booking producer Irene Byron, who gave a mumbling explanation of why Morrison was following the bus. They advised her to stop, warning her she was “putting people in dangerous positions.” Byron agreed to call off her employees.

The next day, November 18, Judge Bruce Schroeder threw NBC out of the courtroom to avoid allegations of jury tampering. Kenosha Police Lieutenant Joseph Nosalik said, there was no arrest for jury tampering because any opportunity to do so was interrupted by police.

What would have happened if they hadn’t gotten interrupted?

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