New Biden Policy Could Drastically Increase Birth “Tourism”

New Biden Policy Could Drastically Increase Birth

( – Birth tourism is an issue the US has been dealing with for decades. It happens when immigrants obtain visas to come to America, or enter illegally, while pregnant so they can give birth on US soil. The baby is then automatically a US citizen. Experts are now concerned a new policy from President Joe Biden could make this problem even worse.

Biden recently announced Border Patrol and ICE would no longer be allowed to detain pregnant women, mothers who delivered in the past year, and those who are nursing. Stephen Miller, who created many of former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, said Biden’s order is “an inducement to enter for the sole purpose of birthright citizenship.” Mark Morgan, the former head of Border Patrol, said everyone knows what will happen now, and that the immigrants are “going to stay.”

There’s also a concern among people that parents could use their children’s American citizenship to become legal themselves. It should be noted that current immigration laws prevent that from happening. A child’s immigration status has no bearing on their parents’ status except in extreme cases.

That said, American children are still eligible for other benefits. For that reason, many Conservatives, including Trump, believe the Citizenship Clause of the 14th Amendment deserves a second look. If there’s an influx of birth tourism, that could become an even greater priority.

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