Nevada Abandons App; Goes to Paper

Nevada Abandons App; Goes to Paper

( – After witnessing the insanity of the Iowa Caucus, Nevada has decided to use paper ballots. Originally, both Iowa and Nevada were going to use the same app, developed by Shadow, Inc., responsible for the previous meltdown to tally votes. Early voters now have paper ballots to cast their votes.

However, in place of an app, there are now pre-programmed iPads that party officials will utilize. A “PDF voter roll” program will track the Caucus results. Additionally, voters will be given a card with a voter PIN number they will use to fill out a Google form.

Paper sign-in sheets will be available in case the Google form system fails.

There’s also controversy stirring among the Nevada Caucus and a new flyer released by The Culinary Union that people allege is attempting to sway voters.

The flyer lists out each Democratic candidate and how their policies will affect the average worker. It says that all candidates will protect the union-exclusive healthcare plan except for one: Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT). Under Sanders’ Medicare For All policy, union members would lose access to their current healthcare plan.

Some see this as simply stating the facts, while others see the flyer as propaganda to prevent voters from flocking to Bernie.

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