Native Americans Give Biden a Taste Of His Own Medicine—And Don’t Hold Back!

Native Americans Slam Biden for His Climate Agenda

Native Americans Slam Biden for His Climate Agenda

( – President Joe Biden has made climate change one of the biggest issues of his administration. He has said it’s one of the most important concerns of our generation. Experts have also warned about the changing planet. The Left recently passed the largest package of alternative energy policies in history. Republicans have criticized the administration’s policies and called them an attack on the fossil fuel industry.

The changes the president is pushing don’t just hurt the oil and gas industry. Native American tribes are also speaking out and condemning Biden’s climate agenda.

Native Americans Slam President

Fox News Digital reached out to a number of tribal leaders around the country to discuss Biden’s green energy agenda. The production of gas, coal, and oil have helped numerous tribes sustain their way of life. About 20% of the country’s natural gas and oil reserves, as well as 30% of coal reserves in the West, are located on Native lands. Most of the land, about 86%, is undeveloped. In North Dakota, the MHA Nation is responsible for about 23% of the state’s daily oil production. Meanwhile, the Navajo Nation receives about $75 million annually from oil and gas revenues.

Daniel Cardenas, the National Tribal Energy Association chairman and a member of the Pit River Tribe, criticized the changes the president wants to make. He explained that water, air, and energy are “foundational to [their] economy.” He went on to say that people who won their own property should have the right “to develop what belongs to them in any way that they want.” He went on to say that right is what they are fighting for, and it’s critical that they “make sure it doesn’t get taken away.”

Opposing Views

While there are tribes that are angry at the administration for trying to impose anti-energy policies, others want even more of them. In 2021, Native American tribes from all over the country held protests in Washington, DC, to demand Biden take more extreme action to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Casey Camp-Horinek, an environmental ambassador for the Ponca Nation, told The Washington Post at the time that “Biden’s great-grandchildren won’t survive if something doesn’t change.”

Native Americans, much like non-natives, are divided on the issue. Biden is seemingly steamrolling his agenda without any consideration as to how it might impact the people whose ancestors lived here long before the president’s family ever stepped foot on these lands.

Do you think the president should take what the tribal leaders have to say into account?

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