National Guard to the Rescue

National Guard to the Rescue

( – The outbreak of COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the US and we’re beginning to see the National Guard on the streets of America.

According to the head of the National Guard Bureau, “tens of thousands” of guardsmen could be called up to help combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to reporters at the Pentagon, National Guard Bureau Chief Gen. Joseph Lengyel said that he expects the situation will “quickly blossom in the next couple of weeks.”

As of Saturday, nearly 5,500 Air and Army National Guard troops have been deployed in 32 states. But that’s likely only the beginning.

Lt. Col. Jennifer Cope, Chief of the National Guard Bureau Weapons of Mass Destruction Program Office, explained these troops will help with sample collection as well as teaching donning and doffing PPE (personal protective equipment) techniques and decontamination techniques among other missions.

All 50 states have declared a state of emergency. It’s up to the governor of each state to decide when and if they need to call in the National Guard. Throughout the country, there are currently 450,000 Guardsmen in the Air Guard and National Guard.

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